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Roberto was born in Monza, Italy in 1970.

After graduating in Natural Sciences at the State University of Milan in 1994 with a thesis on tropical stick insects, he moved to the Los Angeles area in 1999 and assisted some of the most renowned photographers in Hollywood.

In 2003 he returned to Italy and began a three-year series of trips to Cuba which lead to the publication of his first book ‘CUBA VA’, an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Cuban Revolution.

In the fall of 2013 he published his second book ‘AXIS OF EVIL? A photographic itinerary through Iran, North Korea and Cuba’, the result of eighteen trips to these countries in the years 2002-2013.

He has been traveling around the world for more than 25 years and his photographic work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the globe.

Please feel free to send him an email ( or for any further information about him or his work. He will be more than happy to be in touch with you.

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2015 Exhibition “The Faces of Resistance” (with Roberto Chile) at the UN headquarters in New York. Exhibition ‘Eje del Mal?’ at the José Martí Memorial in Havana, Cuba.
2013 Exhibition ‘Blockaded’ at the California Museum of Photography/UCR in Riverside, USA.
2012 Collective exhibition ‘Eternamente Che’ (tribute to Che Guevara) in Havana, Cuba.
2010 Exhibition ‘Cuba va’ at Palazzo Jung in Palermo, Italy.
2009 Exhibition ‘Cuba va’ at Triennale Bovisa in Milan, Italy. Photographs of Cuba, Iran and North Korea at Spazio Fondazione Maimeri in Milan, Italy.
2008 Exhibition ‘Cuba va’ at the California Museum of Photography/UCR in Riverside, USA in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles (IIC). Exhibition ‘Cuba va, part 2′ in Paris, France (Fête de l’Humanité).
2007 Exhibition ‘Cuba va, part 2′ in Havana, Cuba and at Festival Latinoamericando in Milan, Italy. Permanent exhibition ‘Cuba va’ at Casa del Habano in Milan, Italy. First place at the 1st National Award of Photography of SocialCuba.
2006 Photographs of the book ‘Cuba va’ used for the official posters of the Republic of Cuba for Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday and for the 48th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. Co-participation to the advertising campaign of the 28th International Latin American Film Festival in Havana.
2005 Exhibition ’Cuba va’ in Rome and Milan, Italy. Exhibition ‘La mente isolata’ in Rende, Italy on the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana.
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